Kaylee Moline

Kaylee Moline

Hi! I’m Kaylee Moline, owner of Kaylee Moline Photography and Graphic Graphics exclusive photographer!

I started my photography business 6.5 years ago when my first son, RJ was born. As soon as I held him for the first time, I knew I never wanted to spend a day away from him, especially working at a 9am-5pm job. Photography has enabled me to be a stay-at-home mother and a successful entrepreneur. I am so grateful for all of my clients!

I am a mother to two beautiful little boys, RJ & Jude (which are Cooper Lyon and Cassidy Sorochan’s nephews! ?) and I have an amazing hubby that loves me unconditionally, motivates me, and supports me in every way possible.

My first year of business I photographed only 1 wedding the entire year and by my year end for 2018 I will have photographed 26 weddings! On top of all of this, I am proud to be partnered with my siblings who also share the same passion and determination as I do! This year is going to be the most exciting yet!

SO here is my advice for anyone just starting out in this industry – never give up on your dream, never compare your work to others, and always surround yourself with positive people who believe in you.

Who motivates you to chase your dreams and reach your goals?